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Choosing the future : culture of life

Image conceived and realized by Isabelle Sabrié (pictures free of rights)
Call to visual artists and financement of Eden-Paradise video : contato@isabellesabrie.com

Eden-Paradise  (extract)

I dreamed this world
in which our human cities
our giant megalopolis
and its millions of inhabitants
locked up swarming
in their minuscule spaces
walls of stone fear and pollution
became huge gardens
everyone in its climate !

I dreamed of buildings covered by plants and trees
on every balcony
on every roof top
generous vegetable gardens
giant trees
plants running climbing up the walls
streets laughing gardeners

And the poverty disappeared !
We were eating better
We were breathing better
Goodbye obesity heart attack
asthma and pneumonia
Goodbye pesticides and cancers
We lived longer
and the city was filled with perfume…

Isabelle Sabrié – ZABSAB
Manaus, 05-04-2020