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Audiovisual Creations

MULTIPOLART: music videos of rhythm-space harmony (stereo, 5.1)
Plant Dance: Amazonian carnaval
4 dancers in the middle of the forest

BINAURAL FANTASMAS. Sound-image spatialized storm (with headphones), 2013.

Extract of “A Fada e o Girassol”,  Digital Opéra of Isabelle Sabrié/Cruz, premiered in Belém´s Opera, Teatro da Paz, 08-09-2012.
Composition, binaural spatialization, mix, recording: Isabelle Sabrié
Production, libreto, conception of the animated movie, script: Kalynka Cruz
3D animated movie, design: Heiji Okada. Video edition : Igor Souza
With the support of Alliance Française de Belem and Pará´s Government.

ZON I HOUÉ – Audiovisual Creation. Memory of slavery.

Live animation of the painting of Beninese Julien Sinzogan, by the voice of the soloist
(Paris, Palais de la Découverte, 2005).
Composition and audiovisual conception : Isabelle Sabrié
Technical realization and research : Hugues Genevois et Adrien Mamou Mami
Soprano : Isabelle Sabrié
Ghost ship : painting of Julien Sinzogan
More details about the work and its conception

INSETOÏDA- Canção – Audiovisual Creation. Music of the pine forest.

In memory of Margarita Chtereva († 31-03-2020).
Margarita Chtereva, spalla of the Amazonas Filarmônica orchestra and international soloist, recorded the violin solo in December of 2019 in Manaus. She died during the coronavirus pandemy, leaving huge feelings missing her incomparable musical phrase and generosity. Rest in Peace, Margarita.
Composition of rhythm-space harmony : Isabelle Sabrié
Concept, realization and video edition: Isabelle Sabrié