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United Nations, writings 🇬🇧

By Isabelle Sabrié

Artist- expert of the  UN group “Harmony with Nature

“Arts, Media, Design and Architecture” and Earth Jurisprudence 
Reflexions and proposals of Isabelle Sabrié 🇬🇧
– Necessity of an Urban “Culture of Nature”
– Rights of the mixed Artificial Intelligence/biology creatures and works
– Inter-species artistic communication and neuro-informatics
– Multi Arts
– Indigenous people communication with Nature by multi-Arts : the best neuro-scientific way to fix complex knowledge in the human memory
– Rhythm-Space Harmony, proxemics and neurosciences
– Cultural habits : to kill or not to kill, inter-species habits and business
– Necessity of inter-species and ecological Arts and intelligence
– Popular artistic works about Nature and Earth Jurisprudence, supporting Arts new works
– Eden-Paradise perspective

Rethinking Defense in the 21st century (🇫🇷 French text)
R/évolution of the paradigms post covid
– what means “Defense” today
– who is the enemy, human, non human
– in the 21st century, militaries will be doctors
– strategic military balance, already multipolar in the facts
– strategic Eco-balance, multipolar and inter species for the 21st century
– “more sick persons, more sales”, deadly financial business logic, vital question for Eco-Defense/human survival
– what would be an Eco-Defense (enemies, actions, weapons, forces, doctrine)
– necessity of a non-lethal and inter species doctrine, protecting ecosystems and human survival
– redefining physical force, neuro-force, necessity of an international treaty
– “to kill or not to kill”, an industrial, military and thinking revolution, guided by Eco-Defense

On the UN site, Expert´s Librairy references : number 319 or near
– Rethinking Defense in the XXIst century : strategic Eco-balance, multipolar and interspecies,  Eco-Defense, an industrial, military and thinking revolution
– Building a musical 3D architecture based on Amazonian biodiversity, musical biomimicry and sound organization in space
– Free music in Harmony with Nature