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EDEN – Paradise

I dreamed of this wonderful world
which became flesh, stone
and life.

I dreamed this world
in which our human cities
our giant megalopolis
and its millions of inhabitants
locked up swarming
in their minuscule spaces
walls of stone fear and pollution
became huge gardens
everyone in its climate !

I dreamed of buildings covered by plants and trees
on every balcony
on every roof top
generous vegetable gardens
giant trees
plants running climbing up the walls
streets laughing gardeners

And the poverty disappeared !
We were eating better
We were breathing better
Goodbye obesity heart attack
asthma and pneumonia
Goodbye pesticides and cancers
We lived longer
and the city was filled with perfume…

Humans were singing in chorus with the birds
Given rhythm at the rate of insects
and the caress of the wind
the vitality of the rains
were given life back to the Earth
blessed by the Sun.

I dreamed of this world in which humans breathed at last !
Freed of pollution
covered by beauty
in the middle of their towns.

Life woke up blooming.
Flowers of palm trees flowers of fir trees
flowers of seaweed and cactus
flowers of deserts of mountains and of seas
flowers of snows and of sands
every town was the flower
of its forest of buildings
of its forest of humans
of its forest of friends.

I dreamed of a world in which neuro-informatics
connected brains
and discovered the translations
from brain to brain
between all the species.

And I was speaking with the cats !
Mice and ants
were my friends.

The fungus internet of the forest
runner between the roots
was talking to us.

And at last we were understanding.

The bird at the window told me the rain was coming
the doctor dog prevented cancers
the frog thermometer shouted before the tsunamis
the elephants were moving earthquakes away
the crickets were eating in reserved fields
the flowers were singing unknown perfumes
the bees were pollinating joy
and the trees were breathing with us.

We had signed agreements
survival treaties
flowers of intelligence
between all the species.

The Eden – Garden of Paradise
which had expelled the humans
was suddenly back in glory
of warriors
at last caring
forest warden gardeners
city peasant and field peasant. 

The tree and its forbidden fruit
the one which had separated the beings
the good the bad
the hearts and the species
the same and the different
breaking the unity
prohibiting diversity
the one which was giving death
was here in front of us.

And was explaining everything.

I dreamed of this wonderful world
which became flesh, stone
and Life.

And our giant mega cities
and its millions of inhabitants

Eden- Paradise !

Isabelle Sabrié – ZABSAB
Manaus, 05-04-2020

Recent scientific references showing that Eden-Paradise is realizable