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Isabelle Sabrié, l’artiste qui compose aux sons de la forêt amazonienne.
Radio France (France Musique), 16-06-2022 🇫🇷
And if the forest could be an inspiration to change the way we play opera?

Compositora francesa cria sinfonias, óperas e balés com sons da Floresta Amazônica
Radio France Internationale, 28-07-2022 🇧🇷
The discovery of the Amazon radically changed the life and work of Isabelle Sabrié. The French soprano and composer began to compose symphonies, operas and ballets with the sounds of the forest, which form the basis of a new musical concept she has developed.

SOPRANO Isabelle Sabrié
Marguerite de Faust (Gounod), August of 2018, Opera UK 🇬🇧
“French soprano Isabelle Sabrié was an excellent Marguerite, beautifully sung”.
Brasil, Manaus.
Poder feminino na ópera, Isabelle Sabrié é destaque A Critica, 2018

Mãe de Todos os Tribos e Onça Celeste de Onheama (João Guilherme Ripper) 2014, El Pais 🇪🇸
“Los cantantes son estupendos. La soprano francesa Isabelle Sabrié desde el lado dramático” El Pais.

Madame Lidoine do Dialogues des Carmélites (Poulenc) 2011, Folha de São Paulo 🇧🇷
“A soprano Isabelle Sabrié, que há três anos trocou a Paris por Manaus, foi uma Madame Lidoine que uniu frescor vocal e maturidade cênica, moldando suas frases com uma sabedoria e um conhecimento do estilo que não excluíram a intensidade interpretativa.”

Isabelle Sabrié apresenta o espetáculo Je suis Paris, 2017, A Crítica 🇧🇷

COMPOSER Isabelle Sabrié
The Symphony of the Rainforest
, Ulysses Magazine, summer of 2009 2009, p 1, 2, 3. 🇫🇷
“The great orchestra of the rainforest starts to play… … The notes, the rhythms, the points of accents are superimposed, and however, the balance is perfect: nobody plays too loud nor takes over, observe Isabelle Sabrié. Finally it is the apotheosis : the soprano starts to sing a capella, in the middle of nature, an aria from Puccini’s Tosca. At the water’s edge, the natural acoustic quality is extraordinary and her singing fills the whole space. Then birds, monkeys and toads observe a perfect silence. Nature is quiet and listens to the diva in her red evening dress who, penetrated by her art, sings for the immensity… “

2009, Le Monde 🇫🇷
Isabelle Sabrié et les sons de la forêt amazonienne,

The sound around, A Crítica, July of 2015 🇧🇷
“Isabelle conceived “Musical and Choreographic Sculptures of the forest ”, a transdisciplinary project combining ballet, orchestral music, acoustic engineering and audiovisual projection, based on the sound spatialization [of forests] … …” It is about inventing the arts multi D of the 21st century, erudite, popular and ethnic, interspecies and ecological, here in the Amazon”.

Isabelle Sabrié, Jornal do Comercio, July of 2015 🇧🇷
“There is a 3D sound architecture, very precise, using the animal’s position in space (on top of a tree, on the ground …), its rhythmic moment of entry into the temporal space … … It is this complex architecture that allows to listen to everyone at the same time. In my opinion, there is a regular pulse in Earth bioacoustics”.

Floresta Multi Espacial, ballet, 2015, A Crítica 🇧🇷
“A Fada e o Girassol”. Prelúdio florestal”, “Samba do Carro” de Isabelle Sabrié
Espetáculo multidisciplinar resgata os sons da floresta

Noite das Ideias, Nuit des Idées, 2020, UN Harmony with Nature – events 🇧🇷 🇫🇷
“Os ritmos em 3D da Amazônia” ouvir a floresta com a harmonia rítmico-espacial da compositora Isabelle Sabrié.”