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Multipolart is a serie of music videos of rhythm-space harmony

5.1 surround version available on request: contato@isabellesabrie.com

Artistic Direction, concept, music: Isabelle Sabrié
Choreography, stage, costumes: Valdo Malaq
Director of Photography: Bárbara Umbra
Dancers: Cleia Santos, Felipe Cassiano and Vitor Venâncio (Corpo de Dança do Amazonas), Ana Luiza Carneiro.

The exuberance and rhythms of the plants fascinates. The two leaves on each side of the branch (photo) are like the two drumsticks of the samba battery of the carnival, moving forward in time. Each branch is also located in space, as the dancers, in spatial and rhythmic balance with the others.
For ‘Plant Dance’, the dancers accepted the challenge of dancing on the sand with water, their bodies integrating with the bodies of the forest. A blue butterfly even joined them!
Soon on this page, video-clips of “Plant dance”: solos of the dancers, making off, and photos of the production.
Thanks to : Armando Mendes ; Noemi Mello.

CREATIONS of rhythm-space harmony
Each of the 4 poles broadcasts its specific musical part, complementing the others to form the overall rhythm, balanced in the physical space. The dancers, located on the stage as their pole, interpret each their own musical part.
They are like organs of the same body, all different, all essential.
Choreographies: during the rehearsals and the creation phase with the choreographer, 4 loud speakers are placed at the 4 corners of the room, allowing a 5.1 surround dance fully spatialized by rhythm-space harmony.
Multipolart was born from the cutting-edge researches of Isabelle Sabrié about biophony, particularly her researches of 2012, which has received international scientific confirmation since 2017.