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Book L´arme d´amour of Isabelle Sabrié

The 2 very important Chapters that Google Books did not allow reading

Chapter 25


Live on the web, Nathalie smiled to the camera. Relaxed, she had chosen a sober style, to keep the attention focused on the subject. She was quietly beautiful, without any provocation. They had all decided to stay close of an « ethics » of personal presentation which would put the accent on the value and on the gravity of the ideas they were defending.

Nathalie´s panel was complete. She presented her guests.

“Keiko Chang, the author of the novel Never again, who imagined the non-violent weapon, Rajiv Sidhu, the actor symbol of non-violence who recently interpreted the role of Gandhi for the cinema, Stanislas Stépanchine, the Nobel Prize whose researches about magnetic fields are opening surprising scientific perspectives, Boubakar Diallo, the billionaire of famous intuitions who is candidate to the next elections of the United Trusts Organization, Massimo Wiggins, the Chief General of the US Army, responsible for the last military campaign in Indonesia, Tran Van Tai, the Vietnamese President, known for his anti-American strategic positions, Kirstin Bjorling, the renowned biologist who is also representing the movement Universal Democratic Science, and Maria Garcia, the Brazilian soprano whose commitment for peace never disarmed…”

After careful consideration and at Rajiv´s behest, they had decided to invite the cosmists, and to talk directly to them. Massimoclara Wiggins, Tran Van Tai Trong Han and Jussikirstin Bjorling of course ignored that the five biological human present knew their real nature.

Manuelmaria had forced them to participate to this debate, during a memorable discussion at the bioart Parliament where he.she had put them in front of the evidence : if they did not go to this debate, to discuss with the biological humans who wanted to enter in their views and solve their murderous aggressiveness problem, they would then make the proof of their dictatorial practice of power, which could not admit any discussion, and was seeking power for power in spite of looking for solutions.

He.She had even gone to accuse them to artificially create new conflicts between the biological humans, so that it would justify their next arrival on power at the bioart Parliament, regardless of human lives and shed blood. Besides, one observed that the last conflict in the Middle East had suddenly broken out, even if peace was there for several years, and if no new element could explain this violence… Nobody understood what really had triggered it…

Chocked by these insinuations, the cosmists had wanted to sue for defamation, but had immediately stopped when Manuelmaria remembered who was the author of the atrocious massacre of millions of innocent Canadians, five years earlier… Massimoclara Wiggins, the cosmist who hadn´t yet been judged for his.her acts, had kept a low profile, and all the discussions had closed.

Massimoclara Wiggins, Tran Van Tai Trong Han, Jussikirstin Bjorling and Manuelmaria Garcia would participate to this debate, all the bioarts would watch it, and finally they would decide if there was a hope of living in serenity with the biological humans, continuing the Cosmos program at the same time…

“Keiko Chang, thank you for being with us tonight. You are the author of the novel Never again, just published in China. Already translated in all the languages of the planet, your book is a sensation in the politic, economic and scientific world. Your hero, a young scientist madly in love, who tries to seduce a famous actress who doesn´t like him, discovers that he is able to act on her desire by manipulating magnetic fields directed on her brain. These magnetic fields are activating the secretion of the desire hormone, the luliberine… He succeeds seducing her, but would like to be loved for who he is, without the intervention of his magnetic fields, smiled Nathalie…”

The whole panel laughed frankly. The allusion to Nathalie´s own story with Stepanchine, whom she had denounced the love manipulation in her renowned article, The strange habits of the genius… which had made her notoriety, was limpid…

“So, your hero finally confesses his manipulation to her. This actress, deeply standing for peace, obsessed with peace, a little bit like Maria Garcia present here…”

The camera moved until Maria Garcia, a sumptuous dark long and curly hair woman, who was smiling in amusement. Hypnotized, Stepanchine stared hungrily at her. On the other side of the screen, the “people” magazine journalists noted : after the journalist, the singer… Maria Garcia and Stanislas Stépanchine, the perfect couple, verify the information… The camera went back to Nathalie, who took a grave look. 

“This actress realizes, once the anger died down, that this experience could be applied on the activation of aggressiveness, by acting on a chemical substance which provokes violence and aggressiveness, the noradrenalin. She forgives his manipulation to the young scientist, and together they invent the concept of “non-violent weapon”. Used by satellite, the magnetic fields correctly directed could neutralize the murderous aggressiveness of human crowds… And forbid mass massacres, without killing anybody… Your heroes bring then the “non-violent weapon” to the world, as technological “good news” that will free humanity of its violence…”

A total silence saluted her words. The whole panel, cameramen and technicians were hearing religiously. As if the only fact of pronouncing this words was already the beginning of the existence of this possibility that nobody had ever seriously dreamed about : the control of human violence… One of the biggest challenges of all times.

Massimoclara Wiggins, Tran Van Tai Trong Han and Jussikirstin Bjorling took an appalled look. They were staring at Keiko with pity, at Nathalie with condescension, with in their look a light which was already accusing them to take advantage of an illusory « good news » that would only serve their own interests : TV ratings and personal fortune, to the detriment of the unfortunate credulous who would read Never again and watch this netbroadcasting… Regaining consciousness, the chief operator showed a medium shot joining the three cosmists, whose expression bored and even very critical shouted hostility. Nathalie continued without being disturbed.

“Keiko Chang, you have been Rajiv Sidhu´s girlfriend since several months. Was he also for you the inspiration for this wonderful idea, the non-violent weapon, by playing the role of Gandhi in his last movie ?”

Keiko smiled.

“Yes, certainly. And I also owe a lot to your article The strange habits of the genius… !”

The whole panel burst out laughing. Ashamed, Stepanchine looked contrite.

“I was fascinated by this extraordinary story, a scientist in love who used his invention to seduce his loved one… Little after I received a proposition for writing the scenario of Stanislas Stépanchine´s life, and I had the idea to explore his magnetic fields by hearing him speaking about a recent discovery he had made. The ELF, Extremely Low Frequencies electromagnetic waves, were able to act at distance on the luliberine, this chemical substance produced by the brain, which provokes desire when it spills in the hypothalamus. Little after, as I was hearing the marvelous interpretation of Maria Garcia in her Peace Song, I suddenly made the link. If one could act on the luliberine, then one could certainly act too on noradrenalin, activating aggressiveness…”

Nathalie turned to Stépanchine.

“Stanislas Stépanchine, you are Nobel Prize of Physics, and you are also one of the best world specialists of the magnetic fields. What do you think about Keiko Chang´s idea ? Is it a pure creation of the mind, a writer invention, which would be scientifically unrealizable, or does it seem imaginable to you ? Is the non-violent weapon possible ?”

Stépanchine took a breath. His power of conviction, at this precise time, was going to be decisive, he knew it. The survival of biological humanity probably depended on it. His blond hair was taking the light, without excess. The shot of the camera had been carefully studied so that the intensity of his blue eyes would be the center of the attention, while his magnificent spoken voice was recorded by the best microphones. His power of charisma should be all on its top. He had prepared himself during weeks for this moment, with Manuelmaria and Nathalie, who had tried to anticipate all the arguments that could be opposed to him, Rajiv giving him actor´s advices…

Stépanchine relaxed, very concentrated. He was not thinking about anything anymore, about anything else but what he was going to say, fully convinced of his scientific results. The whole panel was waiting.

“Well… Yes. This hypothesis seems realizable to me.”

A chill ran through the audience. There it was. The word was released. Now everything could happen. Stepanchine smiled, happy to announce this incredible news.

“First, I actually succeeded acting on the production of luliberine in the brain. By directing the ELF, Extremely Low Frequencies, on the brains of rats. I was able to observe, by adjusting the magnetic fields on the correct frequencies, that the production of luliberine could be either activated and provoke an immediate sexual desire, or deactivated, prohibiting any desire. Despite all the sexual stimulations usually used to produce lovemaking, and believe me, it never miss its effect, when the ELF were acting, no more sexual impulse was appearing.”

Half of the panel was smiling, the other half expressing pity. 

How could a scientist of this level mislead himself like that, telling stories of rats on heat which would leave ashamed a three year old child, seemed to think Massimo Wiggins, Tran Van Tai and Kirstin Bjorling, the face full of severity ? How could they try to persuade humanity that these games of depraved scientist could have a relation with human beings ?

“So, I answer your question. Yes, it is possible to control the production of luliberine of an individual, from outside, with ELF. And everything suggests that the same process allows acting on noradrenaline.

-But we are talking about rats, spoke Kirstin Bjorling, you perfectly know that the electromagnetic waves of the human brain have nothing comparable to those of the rats. How can you conclude that fast that this effect would be applicable to human brains ?”

She attacked.

“Have you made mass experiences on human guinea pigs who could demonstrate your theory ? Have you submitted several thousands of people to your ELF, knowing that these ELF could have serious secondary effects, and create irreversible cells lesions to them ? And if you did it, regardless of any elementary law of precaution necessary for the researches about human beings, what happened now to these guinea pigs ? How are they at this time, after your irresponsible experiences ?”

They had been expecting this objection for a long time. Stepanchine smiled.

“Of course I didn´t practice the mass experiences you are talking about…”

They had caught him. Massimo Wiggins and Tran Van Tai looked at each other. Evidently it was impossible, stopping human aggressiveness could only be an artist´s idea, out of any reality…

“How dare you say that the ELF are able to act on the human brain, manipulating his sexual impulses, since your results only apply to rats ?”

Kirstin Bjorling looked indignant. How come a scientist, even more a Nobel Prize of Physics, was giving himself to such a media manipulation, shamefully playing with the hope of billions of human beings, only to get money and increase his celebrity ? Immoderate passion for richness offering women to himself (his « strange habits » were well known…), expensive tastes, and the pursuit of dangerous researches without any base… 

“I dare to affirm it because I tested these ELF on several human beings.”

Stepanchine, very calm, looked at the camera, like in the eyes of the public.

“I tested these ELF on myself, as a beginning. The results were absolutely conclusive. My luliberine level was function of the action of the ELF directed on my brain. My assistant Dolores Hernandez, who has been a precious help for these researches, has been able to establish these results with a scientific deontology that I wanted unquestionable. These results will be published very soon in Science and Humanity science journal.”

Massimo Wiggins and Tran Van Tai swallowed with difficulty. How was possible that they did not know about these experiences, since they had been studying every video and audio recordings of all Stepanchine´s activity for two years ? Could he have done these experiences before ? How could he have maintained it a secret ?

Enraged, Massimoclara Wiggins, the cosmist military, abruptly understood. There were traitors between the bioarts. And the traitors were guided by Manuelmaria Garcia, who had hidden all the recordings of these experiences. He.She was condemned to death, Massimoclara decided it immediately.

“These results concern you, let´s admit it, but how dare you generalize your own case to the whole human species, knowing that your brain is certainly very special, a Nobel Prize brain ! “ Exclaimed Kirstin Bjorling with an accusatory tone.

“Because I tested it on other humans, five altogether, and that in every case ELF functioned with the same result.

-But who are these famous humans ? spoke Massimoclara ironically. Can we see them, see by ourselves their state of health after your experiences playing at being God on their brains ? And what will happen to them if the secondary effects are occurring only in some years ?”

Boubakar turned himself to Massimoclara Wiggins. The memory of the millions of death that his Canadian operation had left continued to revolt him. He controlled his anger.

“I am myself an example of it.”

A total silence swept the assistance. 

“I asked Stepanchine to practice his experience on me. I wanted to be myself the first concerned with this research and its results.”

Boubakar was smiling, very self-confident. He was ready. His taste for power, that he tried to use “for the good”, was on the top of its capacities. He was going to become the UTO´s President, and lead this planet until the control of aggressiveness. In the name of all his human brothers, he had sworn it to himself.

“As soon as Stepanchine talked to me about this possibility, when we met in Kiev two years ago, I was fascinated by this discovery. Then Keiko Chang had this idea, that it could be valid concerning aggressiveness… I immediately went to see Stepanchine. There I made my decision. We cannot let pass such an opportunity for humanity! And, as you may see – Boubakar stood up turning on himself, letting all admire his muscled body – I am in perfect health ! I even dispose of all my mental abilities !”

Nathalie looked away. This magnetism moved her.

“But you too, are an exceptional case… intervened Tran Van Tai, with a dangerous soft tone of voice. Your intuitions made you famous on the whole planet, you are a self-made man, a unique case among the humans, you are not at all a general case, he said flattering him, inflating his ego to control him better. You took an enormous risk, a brain like yours should never expose itself like this… We would regret to lose you, this planet needs you…”

Tran Van Tai used paternal instinct. He knew it, Boubakar had known little his father. He would be then particularly sensitive to the affection of a man older than him, who would give him advices wanting to protect him, and leading him to the power at the same time. Manuelmaria is right, thought Tran Van Tai. This biological human is formidable. It is absolutely necessary to control him if he takes power.

“We shouldn´t divert the problem to personal questions, if you may, said Nathalie smiling politely.”

She has perfectly noticed Tran Van Tai´s strategy. There was no way to let him try his maneuver on Boubakar, and allow diverting the conversation of the real problem…

“I have a confession to make to the netspectators…”

She looked at the camera, with a mischievous expression.

“I was myself submitted to this experience. My professionalism of investigation journalism forced me to. I couldn´t prevent myself from it… I would never have taken the risk to make this netbroadcast, on such a subject, without verifying by myself that it was functioning… And… One have to report that this experience is not unpleasant at all…

-It is absolutely true ! spoke Rajiv laughing. 

He was shining all his actor´s presence, with the smile and the look which usually provoked hysteria among the feminine spectators… and even the masculine ones…

“Keiko and I were submitted to these experiences, and the results… (his voice insinuated the most erotic dreams)… were up to all expectations…”

The journalists of people magazine wrote : “The charm and legendary beauty of Rajiv Sidhu were at its height during the broadcast, with a new eroticism that we didn´t know of him. At the precise moment he evoked the felicity of his experiences with Keiko Chang on luliberine, we could easily see increase the desire of all women and men present, as if the only fact that Rajiv Sidhu talked about it was increasing the luliberine level of all the netspectators !”

Maria Garcia burst out laughing.

“Me too, I´d like to do it, asked her to Stepanchine with a naughty face, I bet you, don´t refuse that to me !…”

Stepanchine forbid him to think about this eventuality. Tran Van Tai Trong Han, Massimoclara Wiggins and Jussikirstin Bjorling glanced darkly at themselves. They had been stitched up. Manuelmaria was their accomplice. He.She was lying, because the computer chips implanted in his.her brain could never be submitted to ELF without being discovered. It was out of question for any bioart to be submitted to this experience. That was certain.

Tran Van Tai regained control of the situation..

“If I understand well it was a staged event, he said smiling. All the guests of this panel were apparently submitted to these experiences… pleasant, except Maria Garcia and I…

-No, no, me neither, affirmed together Massimo Wiggins and Kirstin Bjorling.

-But once more, your results, that I would not make you the affront to doubt of… said Tran Van Tai, with a tone which on the contrary gave the impression he entirely doubted of it, these results were excellent on yourself, Keiko Chang, Rajiv Sidhu, Boubakar Diallo and Nathalie Richard. All world known, whose successes are exceptional…”

His voice became honeyed, and he spoke gravely.

“How can you maintain that these results could be valid for humans less… hum… blessed by nature ?

-I don´t think about myself as a “superwoman” who would have superhuman particularities ! exclaimed Keiko. If I understood well – she turned herself to Kirstin Bjorling – and I address myself to the biologist, all the human brains, and even the animal brains, function on that principle: some chemical substances are produced by some glands, in reply to exteriors stimuli. The order of production is given by the brain. And the way of action to give the order to the concerned gland, this way of action is always the same, whatever brain it is, isn´t it ?

-Yes, supported Stepanchine. The production of hormones like luliberine or of neurotransmissors as noradrenaline is linked to the effect of nerve impulse, which is a signal of the nervous system, a signal of electric nature… This electric signal frees a “chemical messenger” which will act on the electric properties of the cells around it, and transform itself in a new electric signal… It is the way that the glands or the cells which are going to produce these chemical substances are activated. Yet this organization is valid for any brain, isn´t it ?”

Kirstin Bjorling looked afflicted. Impossible to deny. Another way to attack was necessary. 

“Yes… Even if there are individual differences… The principle is the same… But you can´t generalize from only five cases. And how can you claim that the secondary effects won´t appear in some years ?… You all took thoughtless personal risks – she looked sincerely worried about them – generalizing such experiences would require anyway a good around twenty years, by medical precaution…”

Boubakar fidgeted. And what else, now ! One would certainly not lose precious time in these researches only because the bioarts wanted to keep their power at any price, and then steal the inventions of the biological humans and explore it for their own, without giving anything in return, as usual ! And then may be even kill them, to make them shut up for ever…

“I talked about that with lots of doctors, he said with a warm quietness quasi “medical” which imposed to all of them. These waves do not imply more risks for the brain than the telephonic waves, the air pollution, tobacco, alcohol or industrial food… And what precautions are taken to avoid their secondary effects, which are certainly much more serious ? While in the case we are talking about, if we invented a non-violent weapon, it would only save lives, lives that without it would be definitely condemned… It is about allowing people to live, people who would be dead with any other weapon… Is it, between a sure death and the possibility of getting eventual secondary effects by some years, that your choice is not immediate ?…”

His voice tone had become ironical, as if he was suspecting Kirstin Bjorling to hide murderous free impulses…

“Yes… Of course…” she said hesitating, undermined.

Tran Van Tai and Massimo Wiggins turned pale. He.she was letting him.herself being convinced ? Immediately regain control of the situation, thought Tran Van Tai.

“But… It is not about noradrenaline ? It is about luliberine, am I correct ? Now, if I understood well, you have not made any experience on noradrenaline ? It is really the case, isn´t it ?”

Stepanchine get troubled. 

“Yes, the experiences are on their way…

-And this is it, triumphed Tran Van Tai, relieved. Then we are talking about it in a vacuum ?”

Tran Van Tai looked severe. 

“We should come back only when you will have realized your experiences… If ever it is succeeding ! I don´t see any point in continuing this conversation about vacuum.” 

He turned back on himself. He shouldn´t give the impression to the public that he didn´t like artists… Condemn Stepanchine, Boubakar and Nathalie. The others were only nice incompetents, speaking about what was not their own business.

“This debate relies on an idea… charming, he smiled to Keiko, but which have now no reality that would justify this netbroadcast.

-Absolutely, supported Massimo Wiggins. Don´t believe that since I am a military, I would necessarily oppose to a weapon of this kind. On the contrary, my purpose is to protect the populations, you know it. But you will well understand that I cannot neglect the security of my own country to conduct a debate that uncertain and so little serious, even for courteousness.”

He looked to them accusatory, with a solemn seriousness.

“At the time we are speaking, other nations are preparing much more dangerous weapons, which would allow the risk, if we let them do or if we were late, to put us seriously in danger. And even Mr President Tran Van Tai, who is usually an enemy or the United States, will agree with me on that point…

-Absolutely, General Wiggins. I am surprised, Nathalie Richard, that you asked to bring us together so quickly, you, whose professional rigor is so well known ? I regret to have to say it, but it seems to me that you should have thought about it before inviting us, the General Wiggins or myself…”

Tran Vai Tai corrected himself.

“Our scientific competences are limited. In no case we could debate on a theory which has no scientific application !… You wanted to do well, following an unrealistic hope which honors you, certainly, but you took an initiative somewhat inconsequent…”

Now he would kill her broadcast forever. There would be no risk that she could do that ever again. And all the journalists would have to meditate about it.

“Is it possible that the action of the ELF on your brain made you less rigorous in your choices ? May be you were personally influenced by one or another of the protagonists ?… Stanislas Stepanchine, for example ? said he.she being sarcastic, referring to her relationship with Stepanchine which had made the headlines. Did you lose all your objectivity ? And any methodology in your investigation ?”

They had earned time. There would be time after this to see how to forbid these experiences or to cut it on its beginning. It was foolish to believe that it could succeed, since thousands of years no solution had ever been found to human violence. During this time these biological human were constructing weapons which were going to destroy all of them, bioarts and biological humans together. They had to be put out of state to cause trouble, at any price and definitely. One couldn´t let anyone on this planet believe that such an idea could be something else than a hoax eat-dough, organized by writers, scientists, business men-women and unscrupulous artists, thirsty for money.

Tran Van Tai turned himself to Jussi-Kirstin Bjorling, prompting her what he.she had to say.

‘Kirstin Bjorling, it´s what you are thinking, isn´t it ? We are speaking about a technology which doesn´t exist, invented by a certainly charming writer, but we are also speaking about an idea with perspectives very lucrative to its authors ?…”

Jussi-Kirstin Bjorling came to her senses.

“Yes, clearly. There is no scientific proof of this technology for the moment, and I am surprised, Stanislas Stepanchine, to see you participating in such a hoax… Trying to make this planet believe that you have a technology which doesn´t exist, I wonder for what purpose you are trying to do this, in addition to the fact that you take the netspectators for idiots ?”

Good ! thought Tran Van Tai, Jussi-Kirstin corrected him.herself. He.she stroked the coup de grace. 

“I can´t even imagine the fantastic amount of money that you might be dreaming of to earn, by spreading an idea like this one. And thinking that a man like Boubakar Diallo, who is running for the head of the UTO, could participate to this odious game, using the hopes of the populations to explore them commercially and increase his personal fortune… This is a shame !… Obviously I stay anti-American, dear Massimo Wiggins, and everything I see is every day convincing me more: your commercial unscrupulous methods are dishonest, and have to be stopped by all means… including war, if necessary.”

He.she made a dramatic pause, looked extremely serious, choosing this effect.

“I address to you, Stanislas Stépanchine, Boubakar Diallo, Nathalie Richard, Keiko Chang, Rajiv Sidhu, Maria Garcia. In the name of humanity, I ask you : be responsible beings, be conscious of the catastrophes you will provoke… Don´t work for your own little personal fortunes, on the detriment of the populations you are endangering, by cheating on them shamefully… A little bit of morale, ladies and gentlemen !… In spite of working for peace, your irresponsible activities will provoke new wars, this will be their only ascertainable result… Ascertained immediately, in regard to myself ! And this will be my conclusion, ended the President Tran Vai Tai, with a « paternal » omnipotent authority and severity.”

Horror invaded Manuelmaria. The cosmists could not win, it was impossible. One couldn´t let them do. The key argument had to be released. Now.




“But, dear Mr Tran Van Tai, said Maria Garcia with her legendary Brazilian accent which had become a mania on the whole planet, it is not the question at all… The question is not at all to prove that this technology works or not.

-Really ? And what is it then!…

Massimo Wiggins was rubbing his hands, forgetting who was Manuelmaria. These biological humans were really so stupid!

“The question is to know if we have to direct the military researches towards non-violent weapons, weapons that neutralize without killing… Toward weapons that will prohibit the human mass massacres…

-But it is impossible, it is a view of the mind, a singer vision, without any reality!” exclaimed Massimo Wiggins. 

Maria Garcia continued quietly, choosing her words.

“The question is to know if we can neutralize dangerous people without killing them… By the way, after all and in the worst case, even if this technology using ELF didn´t work, we still could think about chemical bombs, which would neutralize the aggressiveness by inhibiting the production of noradrenalin in the brain… Instead of building chemical bombs which only know how to kill… Or we could find another way, anyway that would have the same effect… That would neutralize the aggressiveness of some populations without killing innocent people… Without killing innocent children who never did anything wrong, and never asked for death…” 

Manuelmaria stopped talking, and took a decisive breath. All the cameras were staring straight at her.

“ We could perfectly use another technology…  Because, what is important today, is not to verify Stepanchine´s discovery…”

He.she breathed again, separating every word.

 “What is really important, is that we know today the chemical and electrical process of the aggressive impulse in the human brain…” 

Maria Garcia interrupted herself, pedagogically, to allow definitely her idea to enter in the head of all the netspectators. 

“Because since we´ve been knowing this mechanism and its ways of working inside the brain, for then a very few years, all the ways are opened to create new weapons using this new knowledge… For the first time in the history of humanity…  What is important is that, today, we can seriously imagine making wars without killing…”

Maria Garcia looked at the camera in the eyes, gravely. 

“And who, knowing that we have other solutions, would still wish to kill innocent beings?” He.she clearly turned her.his head to Massimo Wiggins and Tran Van Tai. 

“What kind of sanguinary beings, bloodthirsty murderers could still want to kill for killing?… If we can be safe and protected of aggressions with other methods?  I am sure that most of the military people are going to agree with this principle. Only unbalanced people, submitted to murderous impulses, only dangerous people for the populations, real psychopaths, could support another attitude…”

Every word fell like an accusation, terrible, looking at them in the eyes.

Marci Garcia came back to the camera.

“This is why I ask all the netspectators to act with us. Call for our governments to direct the military researches to produce non-violent weapons. Don´t accept any more that some people are killed in our behalf, to protect our interests, knowing we can do differently. Require our security. Become the missionaries of this weapon that will protect us without killing. Let the humanity progress in a decisive step which will extend the lives of all of us. Don´t allow anymore the massacres of human beings that even animal don´t practice. Become respectable citizens of our planet. Protect one another.”

Stepanchine looked at her, overcome with admiration. Rajiv spoke.

“I could never forgive myself if there is one more child dying because I hesitated one second too much on asking for these researches. We are facing one of the biggest challenges that Earth ever carried. It is at our fingertips. Give to ourselves the means to succeed. Our taxes and our money can´t be better used. And all the benefits of my last movie, Gandhi, will go to these researches.

-All the benefits of my book Never Again, will also go to these researches, went further Keiko, with a soft voice.”

Boubakar sat up straight, conscious of his responsibilities. He was going to take the power and win the UTO´s elections. Now, in front of the cameras.

“I engaged a large part of my money in these researches. I know perfectly well that dishonest applications could be gotten from it, and for once, it would not be the military applications which should be condemned, but yes the commercial applications!!!…”

He smiled, happy to go on.

“Those who would like to use these researches to sell their own products by stimulating the consumer´s brains will have to be severely controlled. There is an enormous work to do to avoid uncontrolled uses. A political, juridical, scientific and even military work, to share the responsibilities and the decisions concerning the use of this weapon. And don´t think that somebody could stop this movement. It has already begun. If unfortunately the militaries and the politicians refused to continue these researches, others would do so. You can be sure that now, at the time I am talking to you, some business men and women are already doing it, somewhere on this planet! And there, nobody can guarantee the kind of use they will have for it, without any control… This is why it is urgent to act, in the name of the populations. And this is the politics I wish to offer to the UTO, for the next election.

-You mean that now, at the time we are speaking, there might be a group of persons on this planet succeeding to optimize a brain control technology?”

Nathalie looked horrified.

“But yes, of course! answered Boubakar. Stepanchine has already done it with yourself, and he was a researcher alone! He is already able to drive you crazy about him by using his ELF. This is only “where he wants, when he wants”… remember ?

Nathalie turned a furious eye on Stepanchine, like if he had raped her. He had artificially stimulated her desire. She would never forgive him. The camera focused on Stepanchine´s face. Stanislas looked extremely dominator and self-confident.

They had discussed a lot about this moment of the broadcast. Should Stanislas rather keep an ashamed attitude, which would intensify the impression of “cheating”, forcing people to accept his own desires ? Showing the moral “bad” that it represented? Nathalie had observed that the danger would appear much more clearly if Stepanchine looked like if he was already the world master… The one to whom nothing could resist, who could do anything he wanted with the desires of others, without consulting them. Of course, she was the first concerned by Stepanchine´s methods !

Despite his first resistance, since he didn´t want to get eternally the bad guy role for the eyes of the public, he had finally understood that it was for his own interest. Showing at the same time that his technology could be used for the general good, and doing himself this gesture, would leave him very popular… “You will be a benefactor of humanity”, predicted Keiko to him, you will completely reverse your image, being extremely powerful and generous at the same time, for the future of all of us…

Boubakar started talking again, implacable. 

” Every day you see that antidepressant medicine or tranquillizers are acting very efficiently on our moods…. An aphrodisiac, for example, is a chemical way, with liquid absorption, to do the same thing that Stepanchine does with his ELF: to act on the desire by force, from outside! What is changing everything with his technology, is that we are able to think about using it on masses, on millions of people, and by remote control… And at this point, the first one who succeeds is the winner ! He is the world master ! Then you can be absolutely sure that there are lots of people working on it, at this moment…

The whole panel remained petrified. The demonstration was irrefutable. Massimoclara Wiggins, Tran Van Tai Trong Han and Jussikirstin Bjorling´s faces were showing it obviously. The implications for the bioarts made them shudder… These biological humans were may be already controlling them without them knowing it ! And they were announcing it to them, in front of millions of netspectators, with an incredible innocence and candor that nothing seemed to be able to stop… And how to prevent them to do it ? Take the control of their researches, now that everybody knew it ? How to force them to release their secrets ? Torturing Stepanchine would be risking damage in his brain, but the worst was that Boubakar was right… OTHERS WERE OF COURSE ALREADY DOING IT, at this time, in an unknown place, and it was impossible to stop all of them…

Massimo Wiggins et Tran Van Tai looked at each other. At the same time, they had both understood… The option proposed by Boubakar… was probably the only possible… The only option which would allow them to control the excesses of very dangerous biological humans who were doing these researches now. The only intelligent option that would really protect the bioarts. By doing all together these researches, one would may be able to finalize this technology before uncontrollable groups, or, at worst, one would give the means to ourselves to anticipate how to parry it, counter poisons, defense weapons… Boubakar was right, this was implacable…

They turned them to him with a great attention, suddenly ready to hear him until the end. A new respect was appearing in their look. A beginning of understanding that biological humans were not enemies of the bioarts…

“But how do you intend to do it? asked Massimo Wiggins with anxiety. You certainly realize that you are going to disturb a world organization which will be at risk and in great disorder, with your technologies… And this organization will certainly not let itself be ruined that easily, nor loose kindly its power, even less to give it to you, despite all your demonstrations. It is a real revolution, what you are proposing, and you have no political experience, you never exercised power with all its mechanisms, on millions of people, you don´t know to what you are exposing yourself to, nor what kind of world you really want to build…

-One has yet elected a simple actor as President of the United States… spoke Rajiv. Then why wouldn´t we elect at the head of UTO a very experimented business man, associating him or assisting him with politicians, militaries, law experts who would help him to implement a world research politics, which would protect all the countries of this technological dictatorship ?

-It is out of the question to install to power a technological dictator, supported Keiko with her soft voice, and to let him exercise this power alone. It is exactly the opposite ! It is about sharing this power, to avoid it falling in the hands of a group of influence which would be sure to dominate all of us… On the contrary, this action just aims at installing powerful counter powers, to avoid a technological dictatorship… So, even the organization you are talking about could find its own interest, if it takes its chance to jump at the opportunity, and to reconvert itself… And, anyway, the old world, the one of ancient weapons, the one of weapons that kill, will be condemned on the moment a group will have finalized this technology.

-What is the use of nuclear bombs if a technology acting on the human brains leave impossible to give the order to use it? !!!  exclaimed Maria.

-Who can say today for a certainty that there is not in China, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan or Iran, in Brazil, South Africa, in Russia, without talking about United States or Europe, some research groups on the point to succeed! And it is uncontrollable! I am the living proof of this! claimed Stepanchine.

-It is precisely because there is a new world to build, a really better world, a world in which we could seriously dream about a real security, which will control the mass violence, it is precisely the reason we are engaging ourselves with all our strengths, continued Maria Garcia with conviction. And we want to unite all the people who want to live without this permanent fear which causes the massacres: because most of the time it is the fear, justified or not, which is at the source of the violence…

-I propose the security, because weapons only kill when human brains are using it!”

Boubakar spoke with force. He was in his role, powerfully convincing. Everybody had to understand the stakes, positives and negatives.

-I offer you the absolute security, the one that will kill the bad on its roots, in the human brain. The one which will prohibit the aggressive impulse during the biggest crises of violence. And I offer you the peace of the consciousness. The consciousness of not killing any innocent living being, even to protect yourself. The consciousness of not laying strewn the ground of the Earth with war cadavers of billions of judicial errors, whose only crime was to be born in the wrong place, and at the wrong time… I offer you to make impossible the Rwanda or the Shoah. I offer you to leave materially impossible the genocides and the massacres of humans. I offer you to make impossible the hate and the violence that are born of these monstrous injustices, killing so many innocent living beings, and stirring up the populations against their authors during generations. I offer you a long life without remorse and without fear, which will transform the humanity in an ultimate jump before going into the stars…

“Thank you, Boubakar Diallo, concluded Nathalie, calm and smiling, it is going to be our final word. Our time of transmission will soon be over. Thanks to all of you for participating to this debate… Next week, our program will focus on the theme of public health…”

Massimoclara Wiggins, Tran Van Tai Trong Han and Jussikisrtin Bjorling had remained silent. The musical generic of the program went on. The Peace Song, with the marvelous voice of Maria Garcia, filled the hearts with the immense hope that she had given birth to.

Some writings of Isabelle Sabrié